The film has received it's first award in Poland winning the Grand Prize at the 13th Mountain film Meeting in Zakopane, 2017.  Here is the jury statement-

"The movie "Hadwin’s Judgment" directed by Sasha Snow will not leave anybody indifferent. This story touches all the people of the mountains. There is nothing closer to our hearts than the beauty of primordial nature, so painfully exposed to technology, people and greed. The director visualises through artistic means the hero and his extraordinary transformation and determination in defense of the beauty of nature. Through simple and delicate means of expression, like a sophisticated creator of crime novels, we are brought to an unexpected and mysterious ending. The film is accompanied by beautiful cinematography of places where the action of the film takes place.  The whole film is unique of its kind."


'Hadwin's Judgement' has picked up the BEST CANADIAN FILM AWARD at this year's edition of The VANCOUVER MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL. Great to have such strong support in B.C...

Pleased to announce that HJ has just been nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards, for Best Feature Documentary and for Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary.

For a complete list of nominations, please follow the link-

This film is no polemic. By framing Hadwin’s eventual disappearance with the Haida legend of a man who emerges from the sea ‘with a warning’, Snow taps into an ancient current where the liminal human experience has a powerful logic of its own. The so-called rational world reared back in horror at Hadwin’s desperate, megalomaniacal, soulful act. But his basic question, why weep for one spruce while slaughtering all the others, is a challenge that exposes ‘rationality’ as yet another form of delusion.
— The Georgia Straight
A magisterial environmental indictment as well as being a cinematic work of pure beauty.
— Sequences, La Revue De Cinema
The transformative nature of film and its ability to articulate an idea in a way no other medium can is just one of many reasons why we chose this film. It is a celebration of ideals and activism, and of oppositional forces that alter the face of our last wild places. It is an examination of the duplicitous nature of human kind, our insatiable consumption of natural resources, our agonizing struggle with the resulting impact, and the realization that only thru an act so violent and brazen, can we awaken to the social changes we need to make. At the heart of it, this is really just a great film.
— 40th Banff Moutain Film Festival Jury Statement
The heart fluctuates from wonder to anger, a magnificent, intriguing and painful film.
— Seoul Green Film Festival Selection Jury
Offers a timely warning that is engaging, cinematic and yet refreshingly unpolemical. The film manages to situate the viewer both within the environment that moved Hadwin so profoundly and in his very troubled mental space.
— PoV Magazine
One compelling film with a beauty that becomes ever more precious as we bear witness to it’s destruction. Hadwin’s act was a supreme statement of self-sacrifice, akin to God watching the crucifixion of Christ.
— The Windsor Square
A visual wonder, creating a mythic power for the forest and the man alike, a film that scratches the surface of its fascinating subject but with one firm and provocative stroke.
— On Line FIlm Critics Society
A gorgeously photographed, compulsively watchable and deeply sympathetic film that avoids dates, maps and biography in favour of myth and mystery.
— Globe & Mail
A haunting, thought-provoking and beautifully filmed legend.
— One Movie Film Reviews



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